Mentors Make all the Difference 

The ACE Mentor Program is driven by the committed and enthusiastic participation of volunteer mentors who are practicing professionals in their respective fields. ACE offers high school students the best opportunities because ACE offers the best industry mentors. While sessions are every Thursday, we appreciate any attendance throughout the semester! 


Who are ACE Mentors?
ACE mentors are members of our community. They are passionate about what they do, and often make significant contributions to their communities through their work. In addition to mentors, they are role models, trusted friends and career advisers.

What makes a great ACE Mentor?
The right mix of knowledge, passion and rapport makes a great ACE Mentor. Someone who connects with the students in a way that demonstrates a sincere desire to help, and a commitment to make a difference. ACE Mentors are team players willing to work with the students whenever they can.

What do ACE mentors gain from the experience?
ACE Mentors experience a profound sense of altruistic giving back to their young participants. You will gain the gratification that comes with sharing knowledge and wisdom with eager students. In addition, mentoring presents a variety of networking opportunities, as well as chances to sharpen your own presentation and other professional skills.

Thank you to the 34 companies who provide mentors within the Phoenix Area!

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